What goes on here?

My calm and discerning neighbor was over the other day. I was raving about some new discovery.  I don’t remember what it was.  She stopped me – somehow.   That’s not easy when I’m in full rave mode.  She said, “You know what I just realized about you?”  Oh no, I thought.  What?   She said, “You find what feeds you and then you tell everybody about it.”  Well, that’s insightful.  I wonder if my newly defined trait is irritating?

I thought I would try something.  What if I raved about things in writing. That way I could read what I rave about and find out.  So, that’s what goes on here.  My latest discoveries, loves, hates and adventures.  I’ll probably talk about my new life with TWO kids in college and only one at home.  I might fill in the blanks for my daughters about what their brother – who’s HOME ALONE – as he says… is doing between his tweets. I might go into being a working mom and wife and I might talk about decorating, I love to rave about that.  But I’ll most likely be particularly aggressive when it comes to food.

Yes, food feeds me.  Everything about it feeds me in every way, all kinds of food. Food I make and food I find…especially right here, right now, in Oakland where there is a renaissance of sorts going on with food.  I particularly love to tell people where to eat, right down to what to order on the menu and how to ask for it.  I might even point out which table to try to get.  I don’t know why, but that information sticks with me.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve been to the doctor or if the flea market is on the first or last Sunday of the month.  But I can remember the way I felt in restaurant x, looking at a view of y and taking a bite of z.  And, I insist, everyone needs to go and do the very same thing.

That’s the kind of stuff I’m going to write about.  I’ll be tripping out on everything here.  I’m wondering, though, if I write it all down, what will I rave about?  Maybe I won’t rave at all. Maybe I will just listen to people.  I wonder what they’ll say.

P.S.  Girls – your brother says blogging is out.  Is that true?

P.P.S. My name is Joyce Huntington. This is my personal blog. Although I work for NBC Bay Area, this website is in no way affiliated with the station or the network or any past station or network that employed me.

10 thoughts on “What goes on here?

  1. I love your Blog Joyce !
    I feel like I am sitting in your living room and you are telling me a story!
    You know that I am happy to join you on a food adventure any time!

  2. Joyce

    As I read every word on your site, smiling the whole time, I could hear your voice in my head. So happy I can go to Trippin and hear from my friend Joyce any time. Keep up the ranting! I love it!

  3. Joyce love the blog!! I look forward to learning where to eat! Love details and comments that are happening in real time rather than a year ago about a place.

  4. I haven’t had the time or desire to pick up anything to read lately but when I read your first blog, it was like one of my favorite books that I couldn’t put down. I echo what Susan said: I hear your voice in my head when I read your words! Please keep raving…I Love It!! I’m hooked!!!

  5. LOVE this blog! And I concur, as I read it, I hear your voice and I see your expressive beautiful face.. I think you are incredibly talented.. Thanks for taking us all on a magic carpet ride.. 🙂

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