Halloween Ghosts

These Halloween Ghosts are a little frightening — I know.  Don’t be scared. This candy makes up for itself when it comes to taste.  In fact, those of you who are fans of my Rocky Road, might have already figured this out.

Chocolate Halloween Ghosts

It’s my Halloween version of the Rocky Road I give out every Christmas!  I’ve been making that candy for years.    It all started when – suddenly – I  had three kids in school and each child had at least  a few teachers and Christmas was bearing down on me – Mom Who Works Full Time – and I had to do a little something for ALL OF THEM. So, like The Universal Sock, I came up with The Universal Holiday Gift.  I found this crazy easy recipe for Rocky Road. I made a batch.  I packaged it in beautiful Christmas boxes.  Then, I sent the kids to school with a package for each teacher.  The Rocky Road was a huge hit.  Some teachers even asked for more.  And then I became the Mom Who Makes Incredible Candy.  But I only make one candy.  Rocky Road.  Every Year.  I go into Rocky Road Production a couple of weeks after Thanksgiving.  Not only do I knock out the teachers’s gifts, but I use the candy as hostess gifts, work gifts, party gifts and the gift we experience when we sit around and eat it at home.

It is truly universal.  And now it’s even more ubiquitous.  This year, it’s a HALLOWEEN TREAT, too.  When I was trying to think of something to send to the kids – who are now in college– who used to hang out around the house…. and SOMETIMES help me make Rocky Road but ALWAYS help me eat Rocky Road, I decided to give The Road a little different shape and call it a Halloween candy.  Thus… the Ghosts.

So, I took the candies to my Foxes and Boxes meeting.  Someone gave us that name – us – because we are a bunch of Moms — all Foxes – of course, who get together to assemble care packages for our college kids.  Each mom, (or Fox)  brings enough of – whatever – to send to all the college coeds.  So, for our Halloween care package, I bought some Halloween Cozys and I made Halloween Ghosts.   I’m hoping all the kids we miss around here got a blast of home when they took their first bite.

I thought I would post the recipe so everyone can be a Halloween Hero…  by bringing these Halloween Ghosts to whatever party they’re going to on Halloween Night.

Here’s what you do.  Preheat your oven to 200 degrees.  Pour two bags of Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Chips and two bags of Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips into a glass baking dish.  Place in the oven.






When the chocolate mixture is melted, take the baking dish out of the oven.  Mix in jet puffed marshmallows.






Add two cups of Brazil nuts or almonds. The mixture should look like this!







Then drop them on foil or waxed paper.  When they harden, wrap them in some kind of candy wrapper.









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