Soup’s On

This is a very aggressive cold and flu season.  It’s taking people OUT.  When you get it, it comes on strong and then comes back – with a crazy boomerang affect.  I know – I had it. But while I was in the fight – trying to beat back the flu – I came up with a culinary weapon that I think helped.

In fact, I’m pretty sure I cracked the code on Sick Soup.  You know… the soup that makes you feel better, like it’s helping you get better, when you are lying in bed.  And I made it up, all by myself.  I was forced to when I was faced with a dearth of options one day – in a sick stupor  – foraging the neighborhood for something to eat.

I started at Safeway.  I went to the Signature Soup Cart.   It was bad.  Broccoli Cheese, Tuscan Tomato and then there was this Chunky Chicken noodle.  There were there so many noodles in the soup, it looked like a gluten overdose.  Why would I need to carbo load while lying in bed?   I left.  I drove my delirious self to the next stop – Market Hall.  The only soup with a chicken broth base was Matzoth Ball Soup.   I didn’t think I needed a big blob of Matzoth at a time like this.  Maybe later.

I might have I caught myself muttering – all I want, PEOPLE, is some flecks of chicken and maybe some vegetables in a beautiful broth.  I looked around.  I don’t think anyone heard me, thank God.  I moved on.  I went to Village Market, which was a new disappointment.  The only thing that came close was a chicken and rice number – again with the carbo loading and empty calories.

And that’s when it happened.  That’s when I came up with it.   I had to.  I couldn’t drive around all day.  So, I made up my own soup.  I walked around the aisles picking up everything I was dreaming of.  I got:

2 cartons of chicken broth









2 zucchini and 2 squash









1 onion

1 bunch cilantro

1 Mary’s chicken breast and 2 thighs






When I got home, I dropped all that into a big pot, brought it to a simmer and let it do just that for a little while.  When I could see the chicken was cooked I pulled it out along with the cilantro bunch.  I deboned the chicken, took the skin off and put it back in the broth. Then, I scooped out a bowl and went back up to bed and ate it.

Doesn’t it look beautiful?






Here’s a close up.









Oh. I almost forgot, don’t forget the pepper.

Anyway, this goes out to a couple of my favorite people who are down for the count right now.  Try this.  It might make you feel better.

7 thoughts on “Soup’s On

  1. This does look delicious and am sure it did the trick. You need to post the recipe for that soup with rice and a hint of lemon that someone made for you while living in LA. I loved that too.

  2. Thank You dear Joyce! Even in a state of illness, you offer not only a wonderful little read but a much needed and desired perfect soup recipe.

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