An Eye Catcher

I don’t know why but some things just catch your eye – speak to you – and make you want to look at them.  For instance –  I like the way palm trees look against a blue sky – or even better – a stormy one.  I like the way a Sierra lake mirrors the trees around its rim. I like the way a nicely decorated room draws you in and makes it hard for you to get out.  I like the way one white hydrangea looks in a vase of roses, the way light dances on the bottom of a pool on a sunny day and the way candlelight flickers across a dinner table.  I like the silent look of a city street at dawn. And I really like an old sign – a neon sign that glows against the night – or just a sign that’s been out braving the elements and surviving – like this one I saw in Salt Lake City. IMG_0035 Continue reading