Soup’s On

This is a very aggressive cold and flu season.  It’s taking people OUT.  When you get it, it comes on strong and then comes back – with a crazy boomerang affect.  I know – I had it. But while I was in the fight – trying to beat back the flu – I came up with a culinary weapon that I think helped.

In fact, I’m pretty sure I cracked the code on Sick Soup.  You know… the soup that makes you feel better, like it’s helping you get better, when you are lying in bed.  And I made it up, all by myself.  I was forced to when I was faced with a dearth of options one day – in a sick stupor  – foraging the neighborhood for something to eat. Continue reading

Holiday Help

Happy Thanksgiving!  I am so excited!  I’m finally finished with my Thanksgiving table centerpiece.  I’ve been working on it for days.  My husband has been quietly observing this activity. He asked me, as he walked around the table last night, “Why are you going so crazy here?”

I said, “Jonna told me to.”

Then he weirdly asked, “Do you always do what Jonna says?”  I looked at him.  He should know better by now.  I said, “Of course, if I can.  Why wouldn’t I?”

I mean look at this centerpiece! Continue reading

Halloween Ghosts

These Halloween Ghosts are a little frightening — I know.  Don’t be scared. This candy makes up for itself when it comes to taste.  In fact, those of you who are fans of my Rocky Road, might have already figured this out.

Chocolate Halloween Ghosts

It’s my Halloween version of the Rocky Road I give out every Christmas!  I’ve been making that candy for years.    It all started when – suddenly – I  had three kids in school and each child had at least  a few teachers and Christmas was bearing down on me – Mom Who Works Full Time – and I had to do a little something for ALL OF THEM. So, like The Universal Sock, I came up with The Universal Holiday Gift.  I found this crazy easy recipe for Rocky Road. Continue reading