The Final Drive

The End.  That’s how this story begins.  It begins with the end of the line for our beloved Big Black Car. It’s a Suburban. We never really named the car – maybe we should have. Once, on a camping trip, one of our friends called it the Puff Daddy Mobile but that name didn’t stick. Another friend more aptly called it The Battle Cruiser, but we never did. We sometimes called it the ‘Burban but mostly it was The Big Black Car – or Black Car – for short.


There’s a little bit of a pall over our household. And my daughters at college are feeling the loss too.  We drove the car into the car graveyard. It’s gone – the emblem of our family life -the chariot that drove us up, down, around and across California and beyond during fifteen hectic years while we raised our children. The job of raising those kids may never be over but the need for a massive car to get around seems to be. Continue reading

Soup’s On

This is a very aggressive cold and flu season.  It’s taking people OUT.  When you get it, it comes on strong and then comes back – with a crazy boomerang affect.  I know – I had it. But while I was in the fight – trying to beat back the flu – I came up with a culinary weapon that I think helped.

In fact, I’m pretty sure I cracked the code on Sick Soup.  You know… the soup that makes you feel better, like it’s helping you get better, when you are lying in bed.  And I made it up, all by myself.  I was forced to when I was faced with a dearth of options one day – in a sick stupor  – foraging the neighborhood for something to eat. Continue reading

Fan Delirium

It’s quiet around the neighborhood this weekend. Everyone seems to be getting ready for the 49ers game.  The Bay Area is on a sports roll and football is heating up again just when I thought we were finished with it. The only reason I’d know anything about football season is that I’d been noticing that I’m not weaving through Cal football fans lately when I go for swims at Hearst pool on campus.  Since I don’t follow sports, that personal observation is always my first clue that Cal’s season has fizzled out.  I kind of miss those fans.  Their whole schtick reminds me of the scenes in Harry Potter where everyone is going to the World Quidditch Cup.  It almost makes me want to be a fan.

Continue reading